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Best Way to Treat Your Faculty & Staff

Chip, the Dough Mobile visited Bay Village Elementary School and interviewed Karen, one of the event organizers on how they celebrated their team with Cleveland Cookie Dough. Even on a colder April day everyone was all smiles!

We were celebrating a faculty and staff wellness event (Food Truck Social) since we haven't had the opportunity to all meet in person for nearly two years. About 200 people showed up! This was a social emotional event to allow our team to reconnect and break bread. We know you offer some healthier options, so we took advantage of that.

I heard the chocolate chip cookie dough was a favorite.

We chose CLE Cookie Dough as a referral from the City of Bay Village's Friday Food Trucks events (Sue Kohl, former mayor's assistant). We also had a great experience with your truck when we did a Food Truck Social with you back in October when you were at Normandy School.

Your team is very nice and cordial...and organized!

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